Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Common Law Property Rights

For common law couples in Nova Scotia, the regular common law property division rules apply.

You must live together for 2 years to be considered common law spouses in Nova Scotia.

Once you’ve lived together for 2 years, you have the right to receive or obligation to pay spousal support.

As well, the ordinary estate rules apply.

Domestic Partnerships

In Nova Scotia, common law couples can register their relationship with the government as domestic partners.

If you register as a domestic partnership, then you have all the same family law rights as married couples do, including rights of property division, spousal support and succession rights on intestacy.

While a common law relationship is over when it’s over, the rules require that you must formally dissolve a domestic partnership.

This can be done by filing a joint Statement of Termination or a sworn statement by one person stating that there has been a separation for at least one year, with the Vital Statistics Office, filing a separation agreement with the court or marrying someone else.

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